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We also have a service that is free of charge (subject to availability) to come and visit your students, present a business seminar, chat about insurance and bring lots of giveaways and gist [currently provided by Dermalogica' – contact

Student 25.00 Student Insurance
Includes all membership benefits listed along with our comprehensive insurance package which is offered through Zurich Insurance Plc outlined within the policy wording and explanatory booklet. Cover is for all the standard beauty treatments and is subject to the student limitation as found within the application form.
Benefits of Student membership [see forms and terms for full details]

Insurance provided by Zurich Insurance plc includes:
  • £6 MILLION Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • £6 MILLION Public Liability Insurance.
  • £6 MILLION Product Liability Insurance.
  • £6 MILLION Medical Malpractice/Treatment Risk Insurance.
This package includes...
  • Online Beauty Index Worth £30 
  • Industry Supplier & training guide
  • Free CPD Courses Worth £30 
  • Subsidised Regional CPD Courses
  • Worldwide Cover 
  • Excluding USA and Canada
  • Online Guild News available from our sister company Guild Press in ABT Student monthly email newsletter
  • VIP Entrance to UK trade shows - BeautyUK, Hair UK, Olympia Beauty, Scottish Beauty
  • luxury bus transfers to trade shows - where organised by college and available
  • Coming Soon - NEW ABT APP Get £thousands in savings and exclusive membership benefits direct to your phone!
Important Student Cover Limitations
*Student Cover: for students case study work, or for other work prior to qualification being obtained, relies on the following for cover to operate:

  1. You must be deemed competent to practice by your school and must not practice outside the scope of what you have been taught. Regular supervision and/or ongoing case consultation/review for such case studies must be in place.
  2. Students are to declare to clients/patients in advance that they are not fully qualified.
  3. You may charge a fee provided this is a modest amount and evidently lower than an experienced and qualified therapist would normally charge.